Ways a Tree Can Damage a Home

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Ways a Tree Can Damage a Home

Ways a Tree Can Damage a Home

Having a beautiful tree in your yard is something that seems like a blessing when you’ve finally found the house of your dreams. In fact, beautiful trees are something that people look for when they’re looking to purchase a property. While they certainly are a beautiful part of many locations, they can also be extremely destructive.

J&S Tree Service, Inc. has worked with quite a few situations where we have seen some trees do incredible things, and the result of that was damage to a home. If you have a tree in your yard that is still thriving and growing at a rapid rate, these are a few of the concerns that you may have to consider in order to keep it from damaging your home.

Ways a Tree Can Damage a Home

When you first think of roots, the last thing that you think about really is their strength and the ability that they have to cause damage. Roots are actually one of the most common issues that we have to deal with when removing trees, and they’re something that can cause damage in more than one way. In regards to your foundation, the roots of your tree have the strength to move the soil and materials of your house so that they can grow. As they begin to grow, these materials and soil shift, which can create weak points in your foundation if it continues.

Aside from the roots of your tree being able to damage your foundation, the roots are extremely capable of breaking down your plumbing pipes. If you’ve ever seen some water building up in your basement, even if it’s small unexplainable puddles of water, there’s a chance that your roots are already making their way to your plumbing.

Both types of issues require the knowledge of a professional in order to maneuver around the materials of your house or your plumbing system. This will also often require a full removal of the trunk from your home, which is tricky to do with older trees.

Dead Trees

Another issue that we deal with commonly are trees that are dead but haven’t been removed. Being aware of the health of your tree can provide you with a lot of insight into what needs to be done to keep your home, and your family, safe from the tree. These cases are going to be fairly straight forward with what you need to look for. We say that because one of the biggest signs of danger that you’ll see in these cases are cracks.

Whether it be from a storm, old age, or simply the weight of the tree, a crack in the trunk is a major sign that the tree could crack and tip over at any point in time. There is definitely a chance that it may fall in the opposite direction, but there’s also a chance that it’ll fall in the direction of your home. When this happens, we see the damage that can go through multiple floors and require a full replacement of your roof. Rather than dealing with the aftermath of this scenario, do your best to keep any eye on any dead trees that are in your yard.

While this is primarily for dead trees, there are chances of live trees falling over too. If there is a storm, strong winds or some other form of natural disaster that strikes your trees, make sure to check the trunk so that you can be ahead of the curve in these cases.

Unwanted Guests

Pest control is definitely something that needs to be taken into consideration when you’re purchasing a home or building that has large trees in it. Of course, pests are something that you’ll likely have to worry about anywhere, but trees can bring pests to your home that are known for wreaking havoc on your home.

From squirrels and owls to more intense pests like termites, trees are certainly known for becoming a home to many. Depending on the proximity of the tree to your home, you may be setting yourself up for having a few unwanted house guests. Termites are definitely something that you want to be aware of before purchasing the home because this is easily one of the more expensive projects that you could be taking on when buying a home that has a tree in the yard.

While termites are bad, let’s not discredit our squirrel friends that have been known to easily move from branch to branch, until they realize they have access to your roof. At that point, it’s not unheard of for squirrels to dig into the roof, and make their way into the foundation of your home. Don’t let these pests do any damage, and make sure to stay aware of what’s happening in the trees so that you can manage any problems before they become bigger problems.

In these cases, you don’t usually have to worry about removing full trees, but trimming branches, or removing full trees that are infested with termites, can provide you with the solution that you need to enjoy the tree and reduce the chances of it causing any harm to your home.

For the most part, trees are pretty incredible and we are huge supporters of having them in your yard, but there certainly are instances where you need to have them removed rather than risk the chance of it causing damage, and that’s where we come in. Our team has removed plenty of trees safely and efficiently, we guarantee we’re the ones for the job.

If you’re concerned about any of the problems that we’ve mentioned above happening to your home in Elmhurst, have a professional from J&S Tree Service, Inc. come out and look over your land. Reach out to us today and we’ll help you schedule a time for you!

Our post today was dedicated to the damage that trees do, but with the proper care, trees can also be a really fantastic addition to a home. In our next blog post, we will be talking about all of the benefits that having a tree that you take care of, can provide to your land. Thanks for stopping by today and make sure to check in with us in a couple of weeks for our next bit of information! We love being able to provide you with all sorts of tips, tricks, and tidbits to make the most of your tree!