Top Tree-Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make Most Often

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Top Tree-Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make Most Often

We know the thinking: tree trimming couldn’t possibly so hard that it couldn’t be a one-day DIY project. With a couple of chainsaws and a couple ladders, you’ll have it handled in no time.

We have just a couple of really good reasons why you may want to rethink such a strategy and let the professionals complete the job.

Not only is the task of tree trimming one of the most dangerous household tasks, (responsible for approximately 100 deaths a year in the US alone) but without the use of the right equipment and the proper techniques, you can actually end up detrimentally affecting the health and safety of the entire tree.

As Elmhurst’s most trusted tree experts, we strive to ensure your trees long and fruitful life by utilizing proven, tried-and-true techniques for tree trimming, pruning and removal. Here are the most common tree trimming mistakes that often result in negative outcomes for both the homeowner and the tree. Avoid doing any of the following:

Over-zealous sawing

Removing dead and broken tree limbs and branches is important for both the health and aesthetics of the tree, however, taking branches that are healthy and thriving is simply an idea that is not well thought out. A tree’s system is dependent on its many limbs and leaves, providing photosynthesis as needed. Remove too many of those limbs and leaves and you create a stunted system of growth as the tree works far too hard to recover from the trauma. Supporting the best growth patterns and shape for the type of tree in question, we keep trimming to a sensible minimum, focusing on the long-term health of the tree.

Tree Topping

Doing far more harm than good, inexperienced tree care companies and many homeowners often choose to use the much frowned-upon technique of tree topping. This trimming option is performed by simply lopping off the crown, or the very peak, of the tree. Often intended to simply limit the vertical growth of the tree, tree topping actually negatively impacts the entire tree. Causing its branches to grow outwardly and limiting blooms and leaf production, while leaving your tree vulnerable to pests and disease, topping is never seen by experts to be a long-term solution to overly tall trees.

Hasty Tree Pruning

There is much more to proper tree trimming than meets the untrained eye. Knowing just how and when to trim branches and overgrowth is imperative to healthy regrowth. Cutting into a tree’s trunk is one of quickest ways to lessen its strength. Inexperienced crews may lop off a branch flush with the trunk, removing what is called the tree collar. If removed, the tree will have difficulty in healing, leaving a gaping wound where disease and insects can invade and grow.

Furthermore, timing is extremely important. The middle of a hot summer is never the optimal time for tree trimming, nor is the dead of winter. Trees have to fight too hard for survival during the extreme weather seasons and cutting their limbs and branches during these times just gives them more negatives to spend needed energy on. Most trees do better with pruning and trimming in the milder seasons. Unless you’ve got a broken branch that is a safety issue, make sure to wait until the fall or spring for best results

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