The Importance Of Pruning Your Trees

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The Importance Of Pruning Your Trees

Here in Illinois, it’s not uncommon to eagerly await those warm summer months, especially after months of dry, cold weather. While we daydream of sunshine and days spent out by the water, we often forget about the yard work that comes along with those warm months. When it comes to trees, the green leaves boast of summer weather, but they do require a little time spent every weekend in order for them to remain in a beautiful state that you can continue to admire from the comfort of your home. Luckily, there are companies like J&S Tree Services, LLC that can take away some of that work so that you don’t have to feel like you’re wasting away your weekends with tasks that need to happen.

One of the tasks that we always suggest having done is pruning. While it is time-consuming, the benefits that it offers to your trees and other plants is entirely worth it. Our blog post today is going to cover a few of the benefits that you will see with your plants as you being to prune them on a regular basis.

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Help Your Tree Grow

Have you ever had a hairstylist or barber recommend that you get your hair cut every couple of months? They’ve probably explained the reasoning behind that as a way to promote growth. This technique allows for you to lessen the amount of dead hair that you have, and leave more healthy hair ready to grow. While it doesn’t sound like it makes a ton of sense, considering you have to continue to cut, this method works, and the same goes for trees. As you cut dead wood and remains of the tree off, you are leaving a nutritious branch to grow and form. It’s been shown that, when done correctly, pruning has the capability of making the roots of your tree stronger. Over time, you’ll see that this then allows for stronger branches and an overall healthier tree.

Remove Dangerous Branches

The same way that removing branches can improve the quality of growth, pruning your tree can enhance the safety of the plant as well. While it may not seem like an important project to take on, it’s extremely important that you are spending time caring for any branches or roots that are dead. When it comes to branches, you want to remove any dead ones so that they don’t fall. Aside from that, these branches are also prone to catching on fire. With roots that are dead or diseased, you are going to want them taken care of so that they don’t spread to other trees. This is something that we can take care of you so that your lawn manages to maintain that beautiful look.

Improve the Look of Your Lawn

When you’re looking to have an overall better look of your yard, you can count on pruning is a great way to do it. We can clean up one tree that’s really throwing off the look of your lawn, or cleanup all of the trees and bushes that haven’t been cared for and seem to stick out. You’d be surprised what a nice clean shape to the trees in your yard can do to the overall look. It’s actually a little bit funny to see people’s reactions after we’ve trimmed the branches on trees and leaves of bushes once we’ve gotten our hands on them. A yard can immediately look ten times better after a good pruning job.

What you’ll quickly see is that pruning is not only good for the overall look of your yard, but it’s necessary for the health of your yard. You can count on J&S Tree Services LLC to provide you with high-quality services because we truly are the tree experts of the Elmhurst area. Call us today to schedule any professional tree services from our team.

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