Recognizing a Dead Tree in Your Yard

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Recognizing a Dead Tree in Your Yard

A dead tree shouldn’t be too difficult to recognize, right? You’d assume that would be the case at least, but more often than not, people are entirely unaware of when a tree in their yard has died, let alone what has caused it. At J&S Tree Services, LLC., we work with plenty of yards throughout the Illinois area and remove trees that are dead, damaged or diseased. Today we want to cover a few of the signs that a tree in your yard might be dead so that you can recognize it and schedule your tree removal with our team of tree experts.

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We’re going to start this off by pointing out that the signs of a dead tree are recognizable in more than one part of your tree. In order to confidently determine that your tree is dead, you need to call one of our professionals so that we can schedule an appointment to analyze your tree as a whole. From there we can determine what is going on with your tree and what the best plan of action is moving forward, but for now, we’ll give you a few of the symptoms that you’ll be able to see plain as day on your tree.

Trunk Symptoms

The trunk of the tree is where the strength of the roots will derive from. When you start to notice issues with the trunk, chances are that you’re dealing with an issue that is going to be a little more serious than you may initially want. Looking for split trunks or holes or growth that is on the tree can be signs that your tree is diseased or is dead. Recognizing these issues in the trunk is a pretty good sign that whatever is affecting your tree has likely spread to other areas of the tree. Which leads us to the other symptoms that you might be able to notice in other areas of the tree.

Branch Symptoms

If the trunk of your tree is diseased, there is a chance that it is has spread to the branches of your tree. You might see anything from leaves constantly falling off of the branches of your trees, to branches that are falling off easily or entirely bare. When you get closer to the branches, you might see anything from infestation from pests to rotted wood.When you notice these types of things, it’s crucial that you call our team of professionals so that we can remove the branches and keep them from spreading to the rest of your tree. You’d be surprised what removing just a few dead branches can do for a tree and just how much these branches are affecting the overall health of your tree.

Bark Symptoms

You may have assumed that the bark was included in the trunk portion of the symptoms, but the fact is that your bark could be a telling sign of a dead tree without there being any evident signs in the trunk. If this is a new tree that you’ve put into your yard, you’re probably familiar with the soft and flexible bark that you see on most trees. This is what is common for trees and a good sign of a healthy tree. When a tree is diseased or infected, you’ll see that the bark quickly begins to crack and break off, there may even be entirely bald spots on your tree that are an extremely telling sign of a diseased tree.

Residential Tree Services

If you’re noticing one or more of these symptoms on your tree, it’s due time for you to call J&S Tree Services, LLC. We offer professional tree removal services as well as a variety of other services so that you can achieve maximum health from the trees in your yard. Call our team today and schedule an appointment for us to come out to care for your trees.