Reasons That A Tree Might Need to Be Removed

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Reasons That A Tree Might Need to Be Removed

Tree removal is something that has to happen more often than you’d think. While there are so many beautiful trees that grow in the Elmhurst, we do see that there are trees that need to be removed from their yard or the place that they’ve spent the last 10+ years growing. While it is clear to our team when a tree needs to be removed, very few homeowners are aware of telling signs or situations where a tree should be removed.

Because there is so much confusion surrounding this topic, we wanted to cover some of the most common scenarios where a tree should be removed and why it needs to be in the first place.


An infected tree is one of the worst things that can happen to your yard. While they aren’t the most common issue to see with a tree, they leave some pretty nasty reactions to the rest of your yard. Depending on the type of tree that you have, one infection could quickly spread to any trees that are surrounding it and then to the rest of the yard. In those cases, you’ll wind up with a much more expensive project to take care of.

If you don’t handle these types of issues quickly, they can become extremely serious and they may not go away for years even after the trees are gone. As soon as you notice that your tree has a disease, you need to get rid of it.


Having a dead tree in the yard is a complicated matter. When a tree has grown through its entire life cycle it is beautiful, intricate and it feels as though you’re taking away something beautiful for no good reason. While that may all very well be true, the unfortunate part about dead trees is that they do eventually become weak. The branches will begin to fall off and pests like squirrels, raccoons, and termites are more likely to make a home of the dead wood. Don’t let these opportunities happen do the dead tree in your yard simply because you didn’t want to remove an older tree.

Unhealthy Tree

If you have a tree in your yard that isn’t quite dead, but it certainly isn’t thriving, you may also want to have the entire tree removed. This is the beginning phase to the scenario with the dead tree that we mentioned prior. When you have this type of scenario, it’s often better to tackle the issue early on so that the tree is easy to remove, and none of the issues that we listed prior occur. Look for signs of an unhealthy tree by checking the density of branches at the top of your tree. If you notice that it’s starting to thin out or branches are starting to collect at the bottom of your trunk, there’s a good chance your tree isn’t healthy.

There are Cracks

It certainly isn’t one of the better-known reasons that a tree should be removed, but it is still a very important sign that the tree needs to be removed. Cracks are a telling sign that a tree is sick, weak or on the verge of dying. While it may not be in the immediate future, the cracks are one of the signs that we have the most concern for.

Depending on the size of the tree, and the depth of the cracks, calling a professional might need to happen immediately. If a tree breaks down because of a crack, you don’t want it to hurt you or your family. Aside from that, you don’t want for the tree to fall on your home and cause even more damage. Handle these types of issues when you notice them, otherwise, you can almost always count on them leading to more damage.

Crowding & Outgrowing

One of the better scenarios where a tree will have to get removed is when overgrowth or crowding begins to happen. If you have quite a few trees that are all growing in the same place, you might notice that they slowly start to die or have a growth stunt. The reasoning behind this is because overcrowding makes it difficult for the water and the sunlight to make their way to the roots.

When this happens, we start to see trees suffer and stunt their growth. It may be an ideal situation to have when the trees are just starting to fill out, but over time these trees will start to miss the nutrients that they need and die. At that point, you end up with a graveyard of trees which is drastically less appealing than a beautiful yard full of trees.

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These are only some of the reasons that homeowners have to remove trees from their yard. There are plenty of other scenarios where removal of a tree might be the only solution. If you’re unsure if that is something that you need to take care of, reach out to our team of professionals and we can give you a better feel for your situation.

Not only do trees need to be removed for the reasons that we’ve listed above, but an unhealthy tree that is in your yard stands the chance of falling. In those cases, you can count on trees not only damage your yard but damaging your cars and home and leaving your family members in a scary and life threatening position. Don’t let the opportunity stand a chance. Call J&S Tree Services today and we can provide you with the best tree removal services in Elmhurst.