Issues With Trees Growing Close to Power Lines

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Issues With Trees Growing Close to Power Lines

Power lines are one of the things that are inevitable when purchasing a home in town and, at times, even out of town. That being said, these are something that you need to be considerate of when monitoring the trees in your yard. At J&S Tree Services, Inc., we have experienced our fair share of trees that have grown too close to power lines. Some of these instances can lead to horrible accidents, but for the most part these accidents can be avoided.

Our blog today is going to some of the issues that you’ll come across if you have a tree that is growing close to a power line. We should note, all of these issues are extremely serious and should be taken seriously.


There’s no doubt about this one, fires are definitely something that you’ll have to worry about when it comes to trees growing close to power lines. The way that this happens is through an electrical current that runs through the power lines. When the tree is close enough, it can jump from the power line to the tree and create a fire. What’s unfortunate about these types of electrical fires is that they spread quickly and require some work to tame. If you have a tree that is growing close to power lines, you’re going to want to prioritize the number of times that you’re trimming your branches so that you can avoid at all costs.


Another thing that becomes plausible when trees are growing close to power lines is that the animals that are living in those trees and are much closer to power lines than they should be. In the case that this does happen, they are much more likely to chew on the cables which also causes a disruption in the power of the lines and can create a dangerous situation. Not only, at this point, is it a danger to the power lines and any chance of a fire breaking out, but it could cause a greater power outage to the area. This is something where you will be managing not only your trees but any pests in your yard as well.

Open Current

In the case that a power line snaps, one of the biggest concerns that you’ll have to worry about is an open current. One of the biggest assumptions that people make about downed power lines is that they aren’t dangerous. While they may be broken or knocked down, the current of the power line could definitely still be active. At this point, it can also be transferred to other objects like other surrounding trees, fences, or cars. If you notice that a line goes down due to a tree, call a local electrician first, so that they can take safety precautions. And then call us to come and safely remove the rest of the tree from your yard.

If you have trees that are growing close to power lines, having a team of tree experts that you can rely on is exactly what you need. Contact J&S Tree Service, Inc. for all of your Elmhurst tree care needs.

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