Deciding When To Remove A Tree

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Deciding When To Remove A Tree

Deciding When To Remove A Tree

If you’re a homeowner in Elmhurst, you may worry about the health of your trees and landscape after a rain or windstorm. A hazardous tree can cause serious damage to your home or property, not to mention it can pose a huge safety risk for your family or anyone else on your property. Whether you’ve noticed that a tree in your yard has dead branches or the tree above your garage has started to lean, it’s always best to contact a certified arborist when it comes to your tree inspection and removal needs.

At J&S Tree Services, we’ve helped hundreds of families and businesses keep their property safe through our innovative tree removal services. If you’re concerned about a tree in your yard and you’re in need of a specialist, contact our arborists today!


When To Remove A Tree

Deciding when to remove a tree can be a cumbersome decision, which is why it’s always best to leave that decision to the professionals. If you start to notice any of the symptoms listed below, reach out to an arborist at J&S Tree Services right away.

  • The lower trunk of the tree is cracked or broken. If you notice the main trunk of your tree is cracked, there’s a good chance your tree will need to be removed.
  • There are tree branches hanging over the roof of your home. A fallen tree branch can easily cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home.
  • A large stem has split from the tree. This can lead to massive decay and weakness in the tree’s structure, and an arborist may recommend tree removal.
  • The tree is leaning towards a target object. If you start to notice that a tree in your yard is leaning one way or another, this can lead to serious damages down the line for both people and structures. Don’t wait until it’s too late to call a tree removal expert.
  • The tree is clearly dead. Whether your tree has been dead for a few months or a few years, the longer a dead tree sits, the more dangerous it’s going to become to you and your home.
  • You notice hanging, dead branches on your tree. When these branches fall, it can cause costly repairs to your home, cars, and landscape.
  • There is heavy soil around the base of your tree trunk. This can be a sign that the tree is not deeply rooted enough into the ground, which means it won’t take much for your tree to topple over.
  • There is fungi growing at the base of your tree. If you start to notice signs of mushrooms or fungi, this may be a sign that your tree is infected with disease or is in decay.
  • Small twigs on your tree do not bloom. If you usually have beautiful blooms and buds on your trees, but they don’t seem to bloom anywhere, this may be a sign that your tree is dead or dying.

We hope that this lists helps you determine whether or not it’s time to call a tree removal specialist. If you live in Elmhurst and need immediate tree removal services, contact J&S Tree Services today.